The University of Kashmir has triumphantly brought the curtain down on the BG 6th semester examinations for both regular and backlog batches. With the academic marathon over, students across the valley are now waiting with bated breath for their official results.

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The future holds immense possibilities, and the BG 6th semester results are just the stepping stone to your academic success. So, take a deep breath, celebrate your achievements, and get ready to embrace what lies ahead.


With the academic marathon of the BG 6th semester exams finally over, a collective sigh of relief washes over the campus. Now, the focus shifts to the next hurdle the results. While the official announcement date remains under wraps by the University, speculations abound that the wait will be over soon.

BG 6th Semester Results

The Kashmir University buzzes with anticipation as students who battled the BG 6th semester exams, both regular and backlog batches, eagerly await their final results. The academic gauntlet has been thrown,and now all eyes are glued to the horizon, waiting for the results to break the dawn.

The Wait is On, But Hope Flickers Bright

While the official announcement date remains shrouded in mystery, whispers in the corridors suggest the wait will be over soon.As per sources said that the result will declared in 10 days as per sources said.

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