The Jammu and Kashmir Services Selection Board (JKSSB) plays a crucial role in recruiting skilled individuals for diverse government positions within the region. Among its numerous recruitment drives, the Village Level Worker (VLW) examination holds immense significance..

As aspirants eagerly await the results, this article delves into the expected result date, anticipated cutoff marks, and essential guidance for those who took the JKSSB VLW exam.

When Can We Expect the JKSSB VLW Results?

railway recruitment control board.competitive examination news: Naturally, candidates who invested time and effort in the JKSSB VLW exam are curious about the result date. While the Board hasn’t officially announced the specific date yet, their customary practice is to release results within a few days of the exam. Considering this, we can expect the results to be declared in the coming week. It’s advisable to regularly check the official JKSSB website for the latest updates and notifications.Result will be declared in the month of January or feb...


Factors Influencing Result Declaration:

Several factors contribute to the time taken for result announcement. These include:

  • Volume of candidates: The larger the number of candidates who appeared, the longer it may take to process results.
  • Evaluation complexity: The intricacy of the evaluation process, involving different stages and examiners, can influence the timeline.
  • Unforeseen circumstances: In case of unexpected situations like technical glitches or administrative issues, the result declaration might get delayed.

The JKSSB remains committed to upholding the recruitment process’s integrity, ensuring thorough and accurate evaluation for every candidate.

Understanding the Expected Cutoff:

Knowing the anticipated cutoff marks is crucial for candidates to gauge their performance in the examination. These marks represent the minimum scores required to qualify for the next stage of the selection process. Factors like:

  • Number of vacancies: The fewer the vacancies, the higher the expected cutoff might be.
  • Exam difficulty level: A tougher exam paper can lead to a lower cutoff compared to an easier one.
  • Overall candidate performance: Strong overall performance can push the cutoff upwards..

While the official cutoff marks are yet to be released, analyzing past trends, the difficulty level of the question paper, and the average performance of candidates can offer an idea of the expected range. Remember, the cutoff might vary for different categories, so be aware of the category-wise criteria.

Here’s an estimated range for the cutoff scores:

  • OM: 88
  • RBA: 84
  • SC: 89
  • EWS: 74-79
  • ST: 76-79
  • ALC: 84
  • PSP: 83
  • OSC: 87

Preparing for Further Rounds:

Once the results and cutoff marks are announced, successful candidates will proceed to the next stages of the selection process, which may involve interviews, document verification, or other assessment methods. It’s crucial to stay updated on the official announcements and prepare thoroughly for the subsequent rounds..


The JKSSB VLW examination serves as a stepping stone for many aspiring candidates seeking government employment in Jammu and Kashmir. As the anticipation for results builds, candidates must remain patient and stay informed about the official JKSSB announcements. Understanding the expected cutoff and preparing for further rounds will enhance the chances of success for those who have dedicated their time and effort to excel in the examination.(railway recruitment control board.competitive examination news).

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