KASHMIR UNIVERSITY Declared Result No.4 BG 5th semester

KASHMIR UNIVERSITY Declared Result No.4 BG 5th semester

The University of Kashmir has released the long-awaited results for the 5th semester of the Bachelor of General (BG) program, bringing much-needed relief and excitement to both the 2020 batch and backlog students from 2016-2019.

This timely announcement signifies the university’s commitment to academic progress and transparency, ensuring students can chart their academic and career paths with confidence.

For the 2020 batch, the 5th semester results represent a significant milestone, marking the halfway point of their undergraduate journey. These results offer valuable insight into their academic performance, serving as a springboard for continued excellence in the remaining semesters.


The backlog students of 2016-2019 can finally breathe a sigh of relief and closure with the release of their results. The burden of pending exams and uncertain academic standing has been lifted, allowing them to confidently move forward with their future aspirations, whether they involve further education or entering the workforce.

This crucial announcement underscores the university’s dedication to serving all its students, ensuring timely completion of academic procedures and fostering an environment of transparency and accountability..

The 5th semester results pave the way for a bright future for both the 2020 batch and the backlog students, empowering them to achieve their academic and professional goals with renewed confidence and determination..


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