The J&K Services Selection Board (JKSSB) has ignited a wave of excitement and opportunity for eligible candidates in Jammu & Kashmir with its recent announcement of fresh recruitment in the Social Welfare Department.

This highly anticipated news, conveyed through Advertisement Notification No. 02 of 2023 dated December 8th, 2023, opens doors for 200 Supervisor positions, offering a promising pathway for qualified female graduates to contribute meaningfully to their communities and build fulfilling careers within the public sector.


The opportunity is open to female graduates who possess a valid Domicile Certificate issued by the competent authority as defined in the relevant notifications by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Candidates must have completed their graduation from a recognized university or institute, ensuring they meet the minimum educational qualification for the Supervisor role..

Application Process:

Aspirants can submit their applications solely through the JKSSB online portal, accessible at jkssb.nic.in. The application window opens on December 15th, 2023, and closes on January 14th, 2024, offering a generous timeframe for potential applicants to prepare and submit their applications. The board emphasizes that no other mode of application will be accepted, making it crucial for candidates to adhere to the online submission process.

Selection Process:

The selection procedure for the Supervisor positions is expected to involve a two-pronged approach, likely encompassing a written examination followed by a physical fitness test. The written examination will assess candidates’ knowledge, skills, and aptitude for the role, while the physical fitness test will gauge their ability to meet the demands of the Supervisor position.

Significance of the Recruitment:

This recruitment drive carries immense significance for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a much-needed boost to female employment in Jammu & Kashmir, empowering women to participate actively in the state’s public sector workforce. Secondly, it addresses the need for skilled professionals within the Social Welfare Department, ensuring efficient delivery of essential services to vulnerable communities. Finally, it injects a dose of hope and optimism for young graduates seeking stable and rewarding career opportunities within the government sector.


With the application window open, potential candidates can take proactive steps to enhance their chances of success. Thoroughly reviewing the official advertisement notification and familiarizing oneself with the specific requirements of the Supervisor role is crucial. Additionally, dedicating time to focused preparation for the anticipated written examination, encompassing relevant topics and practicing mock tests, will prove invaluable. Maintaining physical fitness through regular exercise is also recommended in anticipation of the physical fitness test.

Stay Informed:

Regularly checking the JKSSB website and official channels for updates regarding the recruitment process is essential. This ensures that candidates stay informed about any changes or deadlines related to the application or selection phases.

Embrace the Opportunity:

The JKSSB’s announcement of fresh posts in the Social Welfare Department presents a unique opportunity for aspiring public servants in Jammu & Kashmir. By carefully considering the eligibility criteria, adhering to the application process, and actively preparing for the selection procedures, eligible female graduates can take a decisive step towards securing a fulfilling career and contributing meaningfully to their communities.

So, if you are a motivated and qualified female graduate seeking a rewarding career within the public sector, seize this opportunity and apply for the Supervisor positions in the JKSSB Social Welfare Department. Remember, diligent preparation, a focused approach, and a positive attitude can pave the way for success in this exciting recruitment drive.

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